Best Payroll Advice for New Jersey Small Businesses with 5 Employees or Less

1. Have the Payroll Company Do Your Deposits and Tax Filings

  • This why you hire a payroll company… to avoid tax compliance issues and get solid payroll advice.
  • If you are in New Jersey there are 13 different payroll taxes to contend with. Hire an expert and get the best payroll options for small business.

2. Have Everyone use Direct Deposit

  • You won’t need to pay to have physical checks delivered saving you money. Direct Deposit vouchers can be accessed on-line and don’t need bank stock.
  • Direct Deposit vouchers don’t have your routing and account number on them.
  • Don’t print your own checks. It is a hidden extra expense (and hassle). You need to pay to have blank checks on hand pre-printed with your bank account information.

3. Give Your Employees Access to Their Payroll Vouchers and W2’s Online.

  • Employees lose these all the time. Giving them online access saves you time.

4. Don’t Use a Payroll Service That Requires You Set-up your Company and Employees.

  • This is where all the errors are made. If you make a mistake then you are responsible. Any guarantee the payroll company has about tax errors won’t apply.

5. Enter Your Payroll Anyway You Want.

  • On-line, Email, Fax, Telephone it shouldn’t matter. What ever is easiest for you should be the rule of the road. You want all the options but you also want someone on call if you need them.

6. Do Business Locally.

  • If online chat, navigating a voice response menu, or an offshore customer support center, are your only customer support options then you don’t need the hassle.

7. Your Payroll Company Should Send You an Email Detailing Your Bank Debits Same Day

  • When you know what your bank debits will be you can make sure you have enough money in your account.

8. Have Your Payroll Company Do Your New Hire Reporting

  • It is required by law in New Jersey
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