Pieper Payroll

A Full-Service Payroll Company for New Jersey Small Businesses

New Jersey's Best Payroll Service for Small Businesses

Pieper Payroll

Who We Serve

We serve small business and non-profits. All types and all sizes. Retailers, Restaurants, Factories, Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Builders, Landscapers, Churches, Financial Advisors. Most of our clients are smaller than 10 employees. Some of our clients are single employee s-corps. Other companies we serve have grown over 50 employees.

We do not have a sales force. We are referred to small business owners by clients, bookkeepers, QuickBooks pro-advisors, accountants, and CPAs.

What We Do

  • Calculate your payroll
  • Pay your employees by check or direct deposit
  • Collect and deposit your payroll taxes
  • File your quarterly and year-end payroll reports

What Makes Us Different

Our no tax penalty guarantee. If we make a mistake we pay penalties and interest.

Unlike internet only services, you can enter your payroll online or have us process your payroll for you. In addition, you can also have us print and deliver your payroll.

Pieper Payroll

No Payroll Tax Penalties

We take responsibility for accurately calculating and depositing your payroll taxes and filing all reports. If we make a mistake we pay any penalties and interest.

What our clients have to say

“I don’t have to train anyone to do payroll or worry that somebody I’ve trained will quit.”

-Business Continuity

“Not worrying about tax penalties is a big relief. I wish I never tried to do it myself.”

“Timely and accurate work, without worry. The best decision I’ve made regarding payroll & taxes.”

-Avoiding Tax Penalties

“I have had a number of payroll questions. Pieper helps me with genuine payroll expertise.”

“Their work is impeccable; payroll is always on time”

“Their convenience can’t be beat. Their work quality is excellent.”

-Client Satisfaction

“Using Pieper has saved me 50% over PayChex. I am glad my CPA recommended them.”

“Pieper provides competitive rates and service that the national payroll services cannot match.”

“Very attentive and easy to work with. Lower overall cost while offering more services and flexibility.”

“Unlike the national services, Pieper offers the personal service of a local business and lower costs."

-Saving Money

“I get better service with Pieper than I did when I was with ADP”

“I prefer to deal with an owner and not a call center. It saves me time.”

-Saving Time

“Finally, I can offer direct deposit to my employees. They’ve been asking me about it forever."

- Employee Satisfaction