New clients receive 20% off our regular rates for their first year of service

Rates for Payroll Processing, Tax Deposits, and Report Filing*

Weekly: $12 + $1.60/check or direct deposit
Biweekly $20 + $1.60/check or direct deposit
Semi-Monthly: $25 + $1.60/check or direct deposit
Monthly: $36 + $1.60/check or direct deposit

Paper or paperless payroll - It is your choice!

Delivery Rates
Web Posting Only: No charge
Add Delivery by US Mail: $6.95
Add Delivery by Next Day Courier: $9.95

Your checks can be delivered to you in envelopes or mailed to employees at their homes for a small charge.


  • Direct Deposit
  • Digital Check Signing
  • Contractor Payments
  • Employee Reimbursements
  • Pre/Post Tax Deductions
  • Payroll Reports
  • Tax Calculations and Deposits
  • Quarterly Report Tax Filings
  • Dedicated Online Web Portal
  • Web Payroll Entry
  • Web Based On-Demand Reports
  • Web Archiving of Checks, Reports and Tax Filings
  • Employee Web Access
  • CPA Online Access
  • Year End W2/W3 Reporting has a small charge
  • Optional New Hire Reporting has a small charge
  • Additional state reporting has a small charge

* Includes new client 20% discount on payroll processing fees for your 1st year.


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