Payroll Management: What to look for when you hire a payroll manager

Most New Jersey based small business owners are looking the same thing when they seek to hire a NJ payroll service to handle their payroll management: Low cost, accuracy, convenience, and expert help. Local payroll services are your best choice when evaluating alternatives.

Low Cost: The best values are usually offered by local payroll servicesas they do not have the same overheads as the large national companies.

Today’s payroll services are so cost effective it is usually one of the first business services that is outsourced by a small business owner. Payroll companies have inexpensive packages that are no more than a few dollars per check, including services like employment tax calculations and direct deposit. Local payroll services generally charge lower rates because they do not have the same overhead as the national providers.

Accuracy: An owner operated payroll service frequently offers the best track record for accuracy because an owner operator is highly knowledgeable about your payroll situation.

Business owners are concerned with accuracy because one mistake can result in penalties, fees or interest chargers levied by Federal or State tax agencies. When you use a full service payroll company they take responsibility for the accuracy of your payroll. Surprisingly local payroll companies have the best track record in this area. The reason is that calculation errors are very rare
as software does a good job with the math. Errors, when they are made, are made by the data entry operator. The large national payroll companies have lots of turn-over and do not provide extensive training for special payroll situations. Owner operated payroll companies have the advantage due to the expertise of the owner operator.

Convenience: Local payroll services are more convenient to work with than the large national services that operate large data entry call centers.

All payroll services will save a business time when compared to the effort required to do payroll without a service. However, a local payroll service is frequently more convenient than the national providers. Local payroll services invariably do not require you to provide your payroll input at a scheduled time, or wait for a return call from your assigned representative (if they call back at all).

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