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Your Quote Also Includes:

1. Term Agreement: None

2. Direct Deposit: Free

3. Digital Check Signing: Free

4. Pre and Post Tax Deductions: Free

5. Payroll Tax Deposits: Free

6. Quarterly Federal and State Tax Filing: Free (1 State)

7. Payroll Reports: More than a Dozen Available

8. Payroll Entry: Online, Email, Call-in

9. Online Archival of Payroll Reports: Free

10. Employee Online Access to Checks and W2s: Free

11. Accountant/Bookkeeper Online Access: Free

12. Pay as You Go Worker Compensation Insurance Reporting: Free

13. Wage Garnishments: Same cost as check

14. Checks in Envelopes, or Mailed to Employee Homes: Small Charge

15. Year End W2/W3 Reporting: Small Charge

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