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Easy Payroll Process

Our easy NJ payroll process

Day you provide
payroll input
Processing of payroll

Bank deposit requirements sent by email

Direct deposits and payroll tax deposits are scheduled in the banking system

Next Day Courier delivery of paychecks and reports
Day Prior to Pay Day Payroll taxes, direct deposits drawn
Pay Day Direct deposits effective
Weekly, Monthly
and/or Quarterly
Payroll taxes deposited
Quarterly Federal and State reporting completed

Copies provided to you

Annually Federal and State wage reconciliation reporting

W2/W3, 1099/1096 reporting

  • On the day you tell us what to pay your employees we process your payroll and provide you a summary of cash requirements along with soft copies of any payroll reports you have selected by email. If desired you can have your entire payroll sent to you by email (works best if everyone is direct deposit). If you have selected next day service we dispatch your completed payroll by courier.
  • Your completed payroll includes your pay checks printed on high security bank stock w/ MICR ink. Pay Stubs are provided for those that have selected direct deposit. You receive a complete set of payroll reports for your review and to file.
  • We make your payroll deposits when due to the Federal, State and Local Tax Agencies. Each agency has a different tax deposit schedule. Federal and State withholding taxes are usually made on a weekly or monthly basis. Federal and State Unemployment taxes are generally made quarterly.
  • Once a quarter we complete and file your Federal, State and Local payroll tax forms and reports. We then send you a copy of these reports for your records.
  • Every year we prepare and file your Federal, State and Local Reports and wage reconciliations. You receive completed W2 and 1099 forms for distribution to your employees. You also receive copies of the W3 and 1096 forms we have filed
    on your behalf.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you’re not completely happy with our service we will assist you in your move to another payroll service of your choosing. We will provide a complete current year history of your payroll records and work with your new provider to assure a problem free transfer of service.

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